JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6: Domain vs. standalone server deployments

Explore concepts from the all-new JBoss® System Administration I (JB248) course. This webinar covers the basics of standalone and domain deployments of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6.


What you’ll learn during this webinar

  • When to use domain and standalone deployments
  • How to configure standalone and domain servers
  • How to deploy applications to domain and standalone configurations
  • How to add and remove servers from a domain in real time

New domain deployments

Domain deployments, new in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6, are a major step forward in managing clusters of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform servers. In addition to being ideal for extending an application cluster to the cloud, domains:

  • Are easily extensible.
  • Can manage applications flexibly.
  • Allow for vastly simplified application rollouts in a clustered environment. 

Standalone deployments: Key differences in JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6

Standalone deployments are a more simplified deployment style suited to smaller application deployments or development environments. While a standalone deployment shares many of the methodologies JBoss administrators might be familiar with from experience with earlier versions of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, there are many key differences that admins of version 6 should understand.

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Date: July 12, 2012

  • 13:00 UTC / 9 a.m. (New York) / 3 p.m. (Paris) / 6:30 p.m. (Mumbai)
  • 18:00 UTC / 2 p.m. (New York) / 8 p.m. (Paris) / 11:30 p.m. (Mumbai)
Length: 01:00
Language: English
Audience: Technical


Will Dinyes Curriculum manager, Red Hat

About Will Dinyes: Will Dinyes joined Red Hat in 2009 as part of the JBoss Curriculum team. He is currently the manager of JBoss Curriculum and develops courseware for JBoss products.