Cirries and Red Hat: A big-scale solution for big data

Your business needs to capture huge amounts of data and display the data in an intelligent way for analytic software and other applications to use. Join our webinar to learn about a robust solution from Cirries and Red Hat that can help you capture, scale, and use big data.


Built on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, Cirries' Maestro engine uses Red Hat JBoss® A-MQ and Red Hat JBoss Data Grid to assemble and transform distributed network data into the right data in the right format and to get the information to the right application in near real time. Red Hat Storage is used to store the information that Maestro collects.

Learn how the Cirries and Red Hat solution can:

  • Improve your service quality.
  • Increase performance and reliability.
  • Help you manage your business more efficiently.
  • Increase revenue by capturing marketable customer metrics.

Date: September 18, 2013

  • 16:00 UTC | 12 p.m. (New York) / 6 p.m. (Paris) / 9:30 p.m. (Mumbai)
Length: 01:00
Language: English
Audience: Business


Mark Woolen VP business development, Cirries
Glenn Rudolph Global Partners and Alliances director, communication service provider, Red Hat

About Mark Woolen: Mr. Woolen brings more than 20 years of engineering and client services experience from leading network and technology companies. Previously, he was a sales engineering director for Welfleet Communications and Bay Networks. He has held business development, client services, and sales management positions at Netcentric, Metratech, Bay Packets, Empirix, Radware, and Packet Design.
About Glenn Rudolph: Glenn Rudolph is responsible for building out industry solutions that are driven by key market inflections in the communications service provider market.

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