The differences between OpenStack and a cloud management platform

OpenStack® has the cloud market all abuzz with its community-driven innovation, large-scale operations, and low cost. But do you still need a cloud management platform to provide operational control and management?


Is OpenStack enough?

If OpenStack is the only infrastructure you plan to use, you might be able to get by. But many organizations need to rearchitect applications to take advantage of the OpenStack feature set. This can be time consuming and expensive.

OpenStack provides a great platform for these new cloud-enabled apps. But how is your IT department planning to deal with commercial apps on a traditional virtual infrastructure? How will it use public clouds? What about more advanced features the OpenStack community has yet to build?

Management for OpenStack

Red Hat® CloudForms fills the management gap for OpenStack with features like:

  • Chargeback.
  • Life-cycle management.
  • Policies to govern access, placement, and deployment.
  • Roll-up reporting and more.

CloudForms also brings a single, unified console and service catalog across multiple platforms, letting you converge existing infrastructure silos across VMware, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, Amazon, and OpenStack.

In this webinar

Join our webinar to find out:

  • Why a cloud management platform brings value to OpenStack deployments.
  • How CloudForms delivers a holistic and unified management platform across OpenStack, a traditional virtual infrastructure, and a public cloud infrastructure in a single product.
  • How to prepare for your future cloud deployment with a deep and extensible feature set.

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Date: May 6, 2014

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Brad Ascar Principal product marketing manager, Red Hat