Best practices for building business process solutions

Business process management (BPM) is a systematic approach to defining, executing, managing, and refining business processes, which can dramatically improve the efficiency of business operations. Learn best practices for the design, implementation, and deployment of BPM applications.


Business processes typically involve both machine and human interactions, integrate with various internal and external systems, and include both static and dynamic flows that are subject to both business rules and technical constraints.

Join this webinar for a deeper understanding of business process management, including:

  • The design, implementation, and deployment of a sample BPM application, including the rationale and explaining the alternatives at each decision juncture when applicable.
  • Potential challenges are discussed, along with common solutions to each.
  • Supporting code, and a Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite repository that can be cloned to reproduce the application assets will be provided to all attendees.
  • A review of Red Hat® JBoss® BPM Suite.

Date: July 16, 2014

  • 11:00 am ET
Length: 01:00
Language: English
Audience: Technical


Babak Mozaffari technical staff, System Engineering, Red Hat
Phil Simpson principal product marketing manager, Red Hat

About Babak Mozaffari: Babak Mozaffari specializes in enterprise architecture, SOA, integration, and application security. As a middleware consultant, he helps ensure the successful deployment of projects using Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works, and Red Hat JBoss BRMS. In his role on the Partner Enablement team, Babak helps Red Hat partners provide the best value to their clients with the latest middleware technology.
About Phil Simpson: Phil Simpson is responsible for the go-to-market strategy and positioning of Red Hat’s business rules and business process management (BPM) products. Phil has extensive experience with business rules and BPM, having held senior product management roles at an early business-rules pioneer, and senior marketing roles at several leading enterprise technology companies.