Red Hat Unveils Official Red Hat Linux 6.0 Server Operating System


United States, April 26, 1999

Symmetrical Multi-Processor Support, Two Graphical User Interface Options and Enterprise and Internet Application Support Deliver Powerful, Scalable Linux Package

Red Hat(r) Software, Inc., the leading developer and support provider of the Linux operating system, today announced Official Red Hat Linux 6.0. This major new release of the award-winning Red Hat Linux server operating system (OS) adds symmetrical multi-processor support (SMP) for up to four processors and many other new features to deliver tremendous horsepower and reliability for the most demanding enterprise and Internet applications running the day-to-day business of companies worldwide.

Red Hat Linux 6.0 continues to expand on Linux's greatest strengths: a powerful server OS with completely open source code and the flexibility to choose features, processors and to alter the system to meet an organization's unique computing needs. Users can now chose to run one of two new, popular graphical user interfaces (GUIs), GNOME or KDE, which make Linux even easier to use with a point-and-click environment that eliminates the need to type in command lines for tasks. For the first time, Red Hat will also offer 30 days of unlimited telephone support for installing version 6.0.

"The breadth of application support and high-end features like SMP support illustrate the maturity of the Linux operating system as an enterprise server platform," said Bob Young, CEO of Red Hat. "When combined with the traditional strengths of Linux, which include unmatched stability, reliability and the freedom to change the operating system, Red Hat Linux 6.0 delivers a powerful, well-supported server operating system capable of handling the most intense and important business applications in today's companies."

Red Hat Linux 6.0 includes the new Linux 2.2 kernel. The new kernel supports more hardware and improves the overall performance of the Linux OS. The Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) is freely available under the GPL license and automatically installs and updates the various pieces of the Linux operating system and lets systems administrators easily distribute Linux across the enterprise.

The Red Hat Linux 6.0 package comes with an Installation Manual, a Getting Started Guide, installation support, and three CDs. This includes an Application CD filled with Internet, development and enterprise software for the Red Hat Linux operating system, including Star Office, Applixware and IBM's ViaVoice.

Additional features of Red Hat Linux 6.0 include:

Full RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Drives) support, including the ability to "Hot Swap" storage devices supported by the operating system. RAID support further enhances Linux's low cost of ownership by enabling companies to use link several inexpensive drives into a single drive to improve performance.

Wide-range of new installation enhancements, including direct downloads from the Web to a user's hard drive. This enables users to quickly and easily download Red Hat Linux 6.0 to their system without wasting disk space. Additional new features to ease installation include SMP motherboard support, new boot disks, PCMCIA support disk, improved package selection and authentication configuration.

Improved GUI to the GNOME windowing tool kit (GTK), which lets developers tie their applications to the GNOME desktop quickly and more easily.

Glibc 2.1, which provides the most up-to-date library glibc library.

Pricing and availability
Red Hat Linux 6.0 has pricing options available from $39.95 to $79.95. It can also be downloaded from immediately. A boxed version with three CDs, including one application CD, Installation Manual, Getting Started Guide, and telephone and email support and will be available in select retail outlets, including Best Buy on May 10.

Corporations and ISPs can purchase additional support packages from Red Hat's new Response Link support center. Several packages are tailored for specific corporate needs: ranging from per-incident packages to full-blown, 24x7 unlimited support. Response Link is available in the U.S. and Canada and includes 800-number call-in and priority response offerings.

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