San Jose

United States, August 24, 2000

SAN JOSE, CALIF., AUGUST 23, 2000--The Linux Internationalization Initiative (Li18nux) announced today the general availability of the LI18NUX2000, Globalization Specification. Those who are interested can obtain this specification from the following:

The Linux Internationalization Initiative (Li18nux) announced today the general availability of the LI18NUX2000, Globalization Specification. Those who are interested can obtain this specification from the following: The LI18NUX2000 specification includes the best of globalization functionality that commercial UNIX systems have successfully implemented and compliments the functionality with extensions that will make Linux Internationalization comprehensive for all national and local requirements. By conforming to the LI18NUX2000 specification, application programmers will benefit from UNICODE-based multi-lingual capabilities in a portable manner across Linux distributions and UNIX systems.

``The members of Li18nux including all the major Linux distributors are very active in developing globalized Linux distributions that conform with the LI18NUX2000 specification,'' said Akio Kido, co-chairperson of Li18nux. ``I hope that a Global Linux distribution which supports multiple languages simultaneously will be available before the end of Q4 2000.''

Preparation of the LI18NUX2000 Certification Program has been underway to assure LI18NUX2000 conformity of various Linux distributions. The actual certification program is expected to start at Q4 of this year.

These projects at the Li18nux are strongly supported by the following member organizations:

Compaq Computer
Conectiva Linux
Digital Factory and Kondara Project
Fujitsu Limited
Hitachi, Ltd.
IBM Corporation
Japan PPC Linux Users Group (JPLUG)
Legend Computer Systems Limited
Miracle Linux Corporation
Red Hat, Inc.
SuSE Linux AG.
TurboLinux, Inc.
VA Linux Systems, Inc.

About Li18nux:

Li18nux is a project under Free Standards Group. The members of the project consist of Linux and Open Source related contributors who are working on Globalization, a combination of Internationalization and Localization. The project was formed in August 1999. The ultimate goal of the project is to achieve software/application portability and interoperability in the International context for Linux and other open source projects. Its activities are focused on the internationalization of a core set of APIs and components of Linux distributions to achieve a common Linux environment. This will allow an internationalized Linux application to be executed regardless of different flavor of distributions used.

The results of the working group will be open to everyone.

Compaq Computer Endorsement:

``The General Availability of the Globalization Specification is a major step in support of worldwide development and usage of Linux technology,'' said Glenn Johnson, director of Compaq's Linux Program Office. ``Compaq is pleased to be a participant in the Linux Working Group, and congratulates all the members for providing the leadership and collaborative effort to achieve this milestone.''

Conectiva Linux Endorsement:

``Conectiva understands and supports the efforts of the Linux Internationalization Initiative. The final release of the LI18NUX2000 specification defines a reliable foundation for multicultural, free software enabled Linux.''

Digital Factory and Kondara Project Endorsement:

``Digital Factory and Kondara Project will continue to share their fruitage with the open source community and participate and contribute to the activity of specifying LI18NUX2000 Globalization Specifications.''

``We have always held the concept of Multi-lingual in our development and have supported the movement of LI18NUX2000 Globalization Specification. Moreover, we have willingly provided our highly advanced technology of successfully achieving an English and Japanese environment in a single binary to the open source community. By developing a multi-lingual environment, we hope to lead the movement of globalization and actively take part in the LI18NUX2000 Globalization Specification activity.''

Fujitsu Limited Endorsement:

``Fujitsu believes the completion of LI18NUX2000 Globalization Specification represents a significant contribution to the worldwide applicability and standardization of Linux. We look forward to concrete progress in the application of this specification in operating systems, and we plan to redouble our cooperation toward achieving such progress,'' said Kazunari Morimoto, general manager, Platform Business Promotion Division Software Group, Fujitsu Limited.

Hitachi, Ltd. Endorsement:

``Hitachi Japan is pleased to endorse the release of the LI18NUX2000 Globalization Specification. The internationalization of Linux applications is important for the growth of Linux. We will hereafter support the activities of the Linux Internationalization Initiative and contribute to the growth of the Linux market,'' said Kenji Fukuta, director of Linux Business Center, Software Development Division, Hitachi, Ltd. Japan.

IBM Corporation Endorsement:

Ross Mauri, vice president, UNIX software, said: ``The general availability of LI18NUX2000 from the Linux Internationalization Initiative will make Linux even more attractive to the worldwide independent software vendor community. The global nature of business and the Internet makes the need to support local languages an imperative. IBM is pleased to be a part of Li18nux, and we will continue to work with the community to build a better Linux.''

Japan PPC Linux Users Group (JPLUG) Endorsement:

``We are very happy to hear the announcement of the general availability of LI18NUX2000 Globalization Specification. Taking this great opportunity, we hope we can contribute even more to the activity of Li18nux in order to enhance its technology by expanding our activity as Japan PPC Linux user group. Also, we are very pleased to know the certification program will start pretty soon.''

Legend Computer Systems Limited Endorsement:

``Legend Computer Systems Ltd. is devoted to releasing Linux for Chinese people. We appreciate the work of the Li18 nux group and hope to contribute to it by positively taking part in the activity. The LI18NUX2000 Globalization Specification is a step forward in achieving standardization of the Linux OS, which should benefit all developers as well as companies. We will do our best to release a distribution in conformity to it,'' Xiongrui, Software Business, Legend Computer Systems Limited.

Miracle Linux Endorsement:

``Miracle Linux Corporation supports this standard activity and we have a plan to implement the LI18NUX2000 specification'', said Hiro Yoshioka, an active member of Li18nux and CTO of Miracle Linux Corporation.

Red Hat, Inc. Endorsement:

``Red Hat, Inc. is committed to Linux internationalization. We are actively participating in Li18nux activities. With help from communities and cooperation from other corporations, we have been heavily working on internationalization of glibc 2.2, which is a core part of LI18NUX2000 specification. We are also working closely with Li18nux certification group to ensure our adherence to any guidelines and standards,'' said Michael Tiemann, CTO, Red Hat, Inc.

SGI Endorsement:

``SGI (Silicon Graphics, Inc.) has been a strong supporter of UNIX operating system standards and the open source movement. The release of LI18NUX2000 Globalization Specification is a significant achievement by the Linux Internationalization Initiative (Li18nux). We are actively contributing to the next step, the certification of LI18NUX2000, which will undoubtedly improve the level of Internationalization conformity of Linux distributions as a whole,'' said Jan Silverman, vice president of marketing, SGI.

SuSE Linux AG Endorsement:

``SuSE Linux is an international Linux company and we recognize the importance of focusing on the international market. We have long been a primary supporter of open source. SuSE Linux is available in seven languages and adapted to more than 30 different local markets. The Free Standards Group and Li18nux are key strategic efforts in supporting and fulfilling international and local goals,'' said Dirk Hohndel, CTO of SuSE Linux AG.

TurboLinux, Inc. Endorsement:

``TurboLinux is pleased to declare support for the Li18nux standardization initiative. We are pleased to see that this important step in the establishment of a truly global Linux is now reality,'' said Lonn Johnston, vice president, corporate communications, TurboLinux, Inc. ``TurboLinux emerged from a strong base in Linux localization for the Japanese and Chinese markets. Now we will see the next exciting development - Global Linux for each locale.''

VA Linux Systems, Inc. Endorsement:

``Linux is one of the best examples of international collaboration in Open Source development,'' said Brian Biles, vice president of business development, VA Linux Systems. ``VA endorses the efforts of Li18nux and the Free Standards Group in advancing multi-language support.''