Red Hat Linux - PC Magazine Test Shows Open Source OS Smashing Windows


United States, November 5, 2001

Red Hat Linux Wins PC Magazine's Editor's Choice Award and Knocks out the Competition in PC Labs' Test

It's no surprise that Red Hat Linux offers top performance - ever since Linux first appeared on the scene, its high performance capabilities have been one of the features that set it apart from other operating systems. But a test in this month's PC Magazine shows the world just how well Red Hat Linux stacks up to Microsoft's Windows 2000, and the results are truly eye-opening.

In an article entitled "Choosing Linux" which appeared in its November 13 issue, PC Magazine awarded Red Hat Linux the coveted Editor's Choice Award in a comparative review of six popular Linux distributions. In a sidebar demonstrating the power of Linux, PC Magazine's PC Labs pitted Red Hat Linux Professional Server 7.1 running Samba against Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server to measure file server throughput and response time. For all recorded cases - spanning hardware from low-end to midrange to high-end, and ranging from four to 28 clients - Red Hat Linux displayed significantly higher throughput and shorter response times than Microsoft.

The accompanying review of Red Hat Linux cites the software's quality, ease of use, and widespread industry acceptance as the main factors in awarding it the Editor's Choice for best Linux distribution. According to PC Magazine, "In every segment of the computer industry, there's usually one product that completes the sentence "You won't get fired for using ___." In the Linux field, that product is Red Hat."

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