Red Hat Announces Red Hat Linux 7.2 for Intel® Itanium Processor

Research Triangle Park

United States, January 7, 2002

Red Hat Linux 7.2 Supports 64-bit Architecture, Offers Increased Scalability and Flexibility for the Enterprise

Red Hat, Inc. (Nasdaq: RHAT), the leader in developing, deploying and managing open source solutions, announced today the availability of Red Hat Linux 7.2 for the Intel® Itanium(tm) Processor.

Red Hat Linux 7.2 for the Itanium Processor features the Red Hat Linux 7.2 operating system with the 2.4 kernel and ext3 journaling file system. This configuration supports the very large address space of Itanium-based systems and scales efficiently to eight or more Itanium processors running as a single system image. A more complete set of configuration tools and security enhancements are also available in this new release from Red Hat.

Red Hat Linux 7.2 for the Itanium Processor is designed for developing and porting applications that require superior performance on high-end servers and workstations. This release is equally suited to porting 32-bit UNIX(tm) applications to Itanium-based systems, as well as developing new applications for Itanium-based systems that are designed for superior performance on high-end servers and workstations for mission-critical reliability.

"Red Hat continues to deliver Red Hat Linux operating system releases that support platforms from embedded devices, high performance workstations and servers, such as Intel's Itanium-based system, right up to the world's largest mainframe computers," said Michael Tiemann, CTO, Red Hat.

"With the release of Red Hat Linux 7.2 for Itanium-based systems, developers will have access to the technology and support necessary to successfully develop, deploy, and manage 64-bit Linux applications and services," said Lisa Hambrick, director of Enterprise Processor Marketing, Intel Corporation.

New Features and Benefits of Red Hat Linux 7.2 for the Itanium Processor

  • The 2.4.9 Linux kernel for increased scalability
  • ext3 journaling file system for data reliability
  • Network Configuration, User Management, and Hardware Viewing tools for infrastructure and development
  • Firewall Configuration during installation and Red Hat Network for added security.
  • Improved USB support
  • Nautilus file manager
  • Latest versions of the GNOME and KDE desktop environments

Red Hat Linux 7.2 for the Itanium processor is now available for purchase or download and from hardware partners in the coming weeks. For more information on Red Hat Linux 7.2 for the Itanium processor, please visit

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