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Re: [PATCH] partition renumbering workarounds for rawhide


On 09/30/2009 09:49 PM, David Lehman wrote:
This is a series of patches to address parted's renumbering of
partitions. They should resolve several bugs, including those
resulting in a "duplicate paths in device tree" exception.

I have tested them with extended/logical partitions, lvm, md,
lvm-on-md. There are surely some cases I missed but they have
been tested beyond the basics.

I like them, ack, assuming this is for rawhide only and not for

[PATCH 5/5] Don't fail to commit partitions due to active lvm/md.

Since I believe the parted ebusy errors due to unnecessary udev
event generation on the partition nodes bug has been nailed, I think
we no longer need the retry loop around committing to disk.

Given that this patch shows that there may be cases where we actually
cannot commit to the disk as part of a normal install, I think we
should remove the retry loop, and only try the commit once,
as it likely only serves to slow down installations now a days.



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