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Re: DU Libraries and such

"Jon 'maddog' Hall, USG Senior Leader" <hall@zk3.dec.com> writes:

 > I was thinking (always a dangerous thing to have happen), and I wondered
 > what would happen if someone took the Linux libraries over to Digital Unix
 > and compiled them with the DEC C compiler, to generate Linux libraries with
 > ECOFF file format.
 > Then, if you took the ECOFF libraries that you built that way from Linux
 > sources, and statically linked the code of your application (also compiled
 > with DEC C), that should run back on Alpha Linux, and (perhaps) give better
 > performance than GNU "C" could.

1. I thought that a lot of the performance improvements seen under
   Digital Unix were due to a better libm implementation.  Does anyone
   have an idea of how much is attributable to DEC C vs egcs (say) &
   how much is attibutable to the *implementation* of libm?
2. Are there licensing problems with compiling & statically linking an
   application under Digital Unix & then running the application on a
   linux/alpha box?  I thought the only problem was moving the dynamic
   libraries around.  Am I also unable to move around applications
   statically linked against the Digital Unix libraries?

Harvey J. Stein
BFM Financial Research

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