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How to make it "work"


I was one of the first people to purchase 5.0 for Alpha when it came out.
Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that I am still unable to do with
the package.  The mailing list has been helpful to get a number of things
worked out but there are still some "show-stoppers" for me (like getting
Squid working).

A lot of the suggestions "look at fixing your headers then it should be
able to compile" are going beyond what I'm technical able and willing to
do.  :-)

I was hoping to find an "updates" directory on the redhat.com FTP site
which I could just download and upgrade.  Alternatively I could order an
"update" CD but not at the $50 price...

Otherwise management is wondering why they justified getting rid of NT and
spending the $50.  Linux on Intel has been reliable and problem-free and I
would love to see the same thing on Alpha.

Please don't misconstrue this as a rant.  :-)  I know RedHat Alpha still
needs some work until it is mature.

--------------< LINUX: The choice of a GNU generation. >--------------
Steve Frampton  <3srf@qlink.queensu.ca>  http://qlink.queensu.ca/~3srf

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