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More headers need patching ...

There is a conflict between /usr/include/linux/socket.h and
/usr/include/netinet.h in that both of them #define values for TCP_NODELAY
and TCP_MAXSEG.  They define them to be the same thing so there's not much
to worry about, but you may get warnings if you try to include both files.

I've created a small patch - basically all I did was edit linux/socket.h
(because it has the strangest comment) from:

#define TCP_NODELAY     1
#define TCP_MAXSEG      2


#define TCP_NODELAY     1
#define TCP_MAXSEG      2

Just in case anyone wanted to integrate this into a newer kernel or newer
set of alpha patches ... I don't normally go around hacking kernel
headers, so I don't know the 'proper' channels for this sort of thing, so
if anyone else wants to forward them on, please feel free...

These are taken from a pristine 2.0.33+Alpha-Patches-2.0.32-1

Christopher Curtis               - http://www.ee.fit.edu/users/ccurtis
Florida Institute of Technology  - System Administrator, Programmer
Melbourne, Florida  USA          - http://www.lp.org/

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