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RE: AlphaServer 1000A with TLZ09 DAT


First of all, i'd like to thank the reply,  i have this problem for
several weeks, and still have it, and i haven't got any usefull help.

Well, i have 2 of this machines, they're exactly the same (except that 1
has more memory and hd than the other) and i'd like them to take 2
distinct parts in my setup.

One of them is absolutely going to be our gateway/firewall along with
some other things related to networking (shaping and QoS for example) i
have to chk out if 7.2 goes well with that.

The other is going to be a development machine of our applications,
where i definately need some latest software, like an update glibc for
example, and honestly although i know i can make a rh7.2 to become
usable into what i need, it's going to be a real pain!

But, were just trying to run away from the problem here, there seems to
be a lack of development in qlogic 1020/1040 driver in the current linux
kernel (the problem is definately the scsi driver) and the solution in
my way of thinking is solving that problem!

Honestly i would at least try to solve it, actually i even spent alot of
time trying to get feral qlogic isp driver (specially when feral.com is
down and they're bitkeeper repository doesn't work) but it's only for
2.2 and 2.4 kernels (installing one of them is not a choice need 2.6)
and i've been trying to see the diffs from that driver and kernel
currently one and i confess, i don't understand hardware driver
programming enough to do it by myself, that's why i am trying to find
the current driver maintainer so that we by chance could work together
into solving this problem.

My best regards, and once again, thanks for the reply :)

On Fri, 2005-07-01 at 09:34 -0500, Hoover, Tony wrote:
> And...
> With IPTABLES, standard in 2.4 and newer kernels (such as is found in
> RH7.2), you have a statefull, very granular firewall built in, so that you
> can allow only specified IP addresses ( or subnets ) to access specified TCP
> or UDP ports. 
> IPTABLES should be everybody's friend for keeping your systems protected on
> the internet.
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> Hi,
> If you are looking for something easy to install that is very stable then
> try 
> RH-7.2 for alpha on  ftp2.compaq.com.  It is not the latest and greatest 
> bits, but it works well for my purpose behind a firewall.
> Best Regards,
> --George
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