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Re: Alpha Wiki

On 12/18/2006 10:48 AM, Mike Barnes wrote:
On 18/12/2006, at 7:47 PM, Oliver Falk wrote:
You could send me the memory from your DS10. I have a DS10 around without memory and cannot even switch it one; I could but wouldn't this be very senseless? But at least my AS1000A is still running (a mix of AlphaCore and recompiled FC/FE development rpms) - I'm wondering this beast will never die I expect. :-)

Actually, I think I have a big bag of miscellaneous DS10 memory around here somewhere. Some of it is probably bad, but I'm sure there's some that's working. It'd get a machine booted, at the very least.

I'll see what I can find in my boxes of junk. I'll let you know.

Oh Mike, that would be great!!!

I'm wondering if anyone is going to publish some Windows NT 3.51 page :-) I don't expect there's still some machine running it!?

I was going to put up at least the NT4 page myself. I actually installed it on my old AS200 a couple of years ago, for the fun of it. The Windows 2000 beta that was around for Alpha probably rates a mention too. I remember some discussion of it on the net somewhere. I'll go looking again before long.

Duh? There was a W2K Beta for Alpha and NT4 as well. Didn't know. However, I would never install it. :-)

I've only ever had the installation CD for NT4, although I did actually administer a couple of NT 3.51 Alpha domain controllers many years ago (1996, maybe?). It was actually the first time I ever touched an Alpha system. I remember I screwed them up totally at one point, because I did the upgrade to NT4 without updating the console firmware to the required version first. Ah, memories ...

And then you switched to Linux on those Alphas? :-P

When I got my AS100A, it was installed with NT 3.51; Killed it as soon as I downloaded and burned RHL (6.2 I believe) CDs. I used to use it as workstation for some time... Now it's only for playing around...


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