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[Crash-utility] crash version 4.0-3.17 is available

- Two fixes for "dev -p" command option:
   1) The head entry of the PCI device list was being skipped.
   2) For systems with no PCI devices, exit gracefully rather than
      failing the command due to the use of an invalid virtual
  (rachita in ibm com, anderson redhat com)

- Fix to recognize "linux_banner" symbol type change from 'R'
  to 'r' in 2.6.20-rc2 kernels.  Without the patch, the session
  fails during initialization with the error message " WARNING:
  invalid linux_banner pointer: 756e694c", and then "crash: vmlinux
  and vmcore do not match!  (vgoyal in ibm com)

- Fix to recognize "__per_cpu_start" and "__per_cpu_end" symbol
  type change from 'A' to 'D' in relocatable kernels.  Without
  the patch, SMP kernels running on uniprocessor systems may fail
  during initialization with the message "crash: cannot resolve
  init_task_union".  (sachinp in ibm com)

- Fix for the xencrash "dumpinfo -t" command to properly cycle
  through the ELF_timeval structures for each cpu.
  (anderson redhat com)

- Fix for x86_64 backtraces that may end prematurely at either a
  stale "schedule" or "schedule_timeout" reference when doing a
  "bt" on an active task in a dumpfile.  (anderson redhat com)

- Fix for a possible empty panic message in 2.6 kernels both during
  initialization and when running the "sys" command, because of
  the change of the kernel panic() string from "Kernel panic: " to
  "Kernel panic -- not syncing: ".  If the panic message was not
  recognized in another manner, such as by an oops message, by a
  kernel BUG message, or sysrq-generated crash, the "PANIC:" status
  would be empty.  (anderson redhat com)

Download from: http://people.redhat.com/anderson

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