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[dm-devel] my encryption

So, october first vent, and we did turn in the project. How ever
there is a small memory leak in the code, and my project partner
wont release it before it is found. The leak happens when the target
is used, meaning io data to the blockdevice, so it's rather unlucky.

Anyway, we are considering continuing development, however it will
proberly change to either a port, or a reimplementation of FreeBSD's
GEOM (device mapper?/bio?) GDBE (a target?) because the functionality
is how a encrypted device should be, and i want something cross-platform
so the user isnt bound to one OS.

If we do i'm not sure that we will ever release the first attempt,
because of the trouble finding the memory leak, and the rest of the
tools needed to change password, init the device, and stuff.
I'll keep you posted.

ps: should others feel an urge to port GEOM-GDBE just go ahead, as
it's not for sure that our professor will allow such a closely related
project to the one we just did. And linux device mapper needs a better
encryption target that what exists now.

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