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Re: [dm-devel] qlogic failover

On Mon, Jun 14, 2004 at 01:42:59PM -0500, Guilherme Barros wrote:
> is the qlogic failover setup in their driver aware of having to start 
> controllers showing ghost paths if the master one fails?

> let me try that one again. say controller A is showing actual paths 
> (sda, sdc), and controller B is showing ghost paths (sdb, sdd). say 
> controller A dies... does the qlogic driver with failover know that it 
> needs to activate controller B ?

Is these the COMPAQ HSV and MSA devices that need the spinup?

The qlogic driver conditionally sends a spinup for the
FO_NOTIFY_TYPE_SPINUP. AFAICT it is all or nothing since it is based on
the global variable qla_fo_params.FailoverNotifyType, so mixing arrays
where some require spinup and some don't could break it.

qla_cfg.c:      } else if (qla_fo_params.FailoverNotifyType ==
qla_cfg.c:                      old_lp->fcport->notify_type ==
qla_devtbl.h:   {"COMPAQ", "MSA1000", 2, FO_NOTIFY_TYPE_SPINUP, 
qla_devtbl.h:   {"COMPAQ", "HSV110 (C)COMPAQ", 4, FO_NOTIFY_TYPE_SPINUP,   
qla_devtbl.h:   {"HP", "HSV100", 4, FO_NOTIFY_TYPE_SPINUP,   
qla_fo.c:       if (qla_fo_params.FailoverNotifyType ==
qla_fo.c:               new_lp->fcport->notify_type ==
qlfo.h:#define FO_NOTIFY_TYPE_SPINUP                  5
qlfo.h:#define FO_NOTIFY_TYPE_DEF                FO_NOTIFY_TYPE_SPINUP
qlfolimits.h:#define FO_NOTIFY_TYPE_SPINUP                    5

-- Patrick Mansfield

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