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Re: [dm-devel] Re: multipath tool priority group question

christophe varoqui free fr wrote:

btw, if group_by_tur works for your HW, please add its strings to the policy
selector array and send a patch.

Is the policy selector array the wlist? Are you sure you don't want to make this a text file. For reconfigurable devices like ours, I don't know what the sane default is.

Selon christophe varoqui free fr:

You should use the group_by_tur policy.
It does what you describe.

Selon Mike Christie <michaelc cs wisc edu>:

Hi Christophe,

For policy it states, "failover 1 path per priority group",
but what if I want to put N paths in each group?

I want to round-robin over N paths, and when they fail I want
to start using a lower priority group. I have two cases. One
where I have a set of paths that are imediately ready, and a
second set that has to be activated first. And a second case
where the second set is ready, but for any reason we want to use
it as backup only.




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