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[dm-devel] 2.6.4-udm2


Includes the patches to -udm1 posted by Kevin Corry and Mike Christie.

- Joe

Revision 1:

Revision 2:
  -mm2 errata

Revision 3:
  If there are leftovers __end_that_request_first will call
  blk_recalc_rq_sector to set req->hard_nr_sectors correctly.
  For failfast, by subtracting bytes from the updated
  req->hard_nr_sectors and then calling end_that_request_chunk
  and end_that_request_last, you can end up with a bio that
  never gets completed.
  The attached patch built against 2.6.4 does not subtract
  bytes for non-blk_pc_requests.
  On a related note I was wondering if the following is a
  bug or feature. At the bottom of scsi_io_completion, it calls
  scsi_end_request on the bytes for the current buffer.
  The comments indicate this is to handle improperly reported
  medium errors, but commands scsi_decide_disposition
  determined should not be retried end up getting
  requeued minus the current buffer.  [Mike Christie]

Revision 4:
  Fix 64/32 bit ioctl problems.

Revision 5:
  dm-ioctl.h: Missing definition for DM_LIST_VERSIONS_32.

Revision 6:
  Check the uptodate flag in sub-bios to see if there was an error.
  [Mike Christie]

Revision 7:
  Handle interrupts within suspend.

Revision 8:
  dm.c: Use waitqueue_active() to save a couple of cycles.
  I couldn't think of a reason why event_callback() was using
  wake_up_interruptible() rather than plain old wake_up(), so changed

Revision 9:
  VFS lock patch.  [Chris Mason]

Revision 10:
  Lock the filesystem while a device is suspended.  [Kevin Corry, Joe Thornber]

Revision 11:
  Multipath target

Revision 12:
  dm-mpath.c:  Remove blk_run_queues() after resubmitting failed ios.

Revision 13:

Revision 14:
  dm-io: stop using page->list

Revision 15:
  dm-io.c:  Add io routines to perform io on a vm area.

Revision 16:
  dm-io.c:  Get rid of global queues unplug.  [Jens Axboe]

Revision 17:
  dm-io.c: Add EXPORT_SYMBOL for dm_io_async_vm() and dm_io_sync_vm().
  [Kevin Corry]

Revision 18:

Revision 19:
  kcopyd: stop using page->list

Revision 20:
  kcopyd.c:  Remove blk_run_queues().  [Jens Axboe]

Revision 21:
  kcopyd.c: kcopyd_put_pages() does not walk the entire list of
  specified pages (it stops at the second-to-last one). Thus, the
  nr_free_pages value is off by one. Fix this by incrementing
  nr_free_pages once more after the loop completes.  [Kevin Corry]

Revision 22:
  Snapshot target

Revision 23:
  dm-exception-store.c: Use these routines.

Revision 24:
  dm-snap.c: Remove blk_run_queues() from flush_bios().  (Not sure about

Revision 25:
  Mirror target

Revision 26:
  dm-log.c: Switch from using dm_io_sync() to dm_io_sync_vm().

Revision 27:
  dm-raid1.c: Remove blk_run_queues().

Revision 28:
  Flakey target

Revision 29:

Revision 30:
  Log an error if the target has unknown target type, or zero length.

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