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Re: [dm-devel] Re: LVM on dmraid breakage

Luca Berra wrote:
And by activating a vg manually i don't benefit from the filter? why?

Huh? I fail to see the direction you are going in with this and what it has to do with udev auto configuring things.

What about if it is a ha-cluster suite that needs to activate the volume
group. I can't have udev activate that on sight, it will probably
corrupt data.

Right, which is why you wouldn't be using udev in such a set up. At least not configured to auto mount disks when plugged in.

probably because this is the only available way now.
anyway this method tends to suck when you have a complex setup.
and lvm device filters are not very intuitive to setup.

You just made my point for me.

Let's make a deal, you code that in udev, and in the meantime try to
convince Linus in ditching partition detection code from kernel.
I will code the filter for current lvm.

The partition table code already can be disabled in the kernel config iirc.

doing this will require changing how lvm tools work.
1) disable the automatic vgscan performed by every lvm command
2) modify pvscan to be able to scan a single device

Correct. The commands need to be able to take a list of devices to manipulate rather than going after /dev/sd*.

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