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[dm-devel] NIC and HBA based multipathing

Device-mapper multipathing in RHEL 4

I can (and have) setup a NIC based iSCSI SAN connection.  I can (and
have) setup an HBA based iSCSI SAN connection.  Now I'm trying to get
a machine to connect using multipath with both a NIC and an HBA.  What
are the prerequisites that I should have running before I attempt to
go through the above knowledge base procedure?

I put IPs on both the NIC and HBA on the SAN network.  The SAN is
showing both IPs as trying to access the volume in question.  iscsi-ls
only shows 1 device (/dev/sdb), and it's taking the path through the
NIC to reach the SAN.  I can verify this by watching the SAN volume to
see which of the IP addresses is sending traffic.

Should my HBA show up as another device (/dev/sdc) before I start
attempting to multipath?  Or is multipathd going to link both NIC and
HBA to the /dev/sdb device?


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