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Re: [dm-devel] Question regarding failback option in multipath.conf

On 09/30/2009 03:16 PM, Eli Klein wrote:

Here's the abbreviated output from multipath -v3:

mpath1: pgfailback = 120 (config file default)
mpath1: pgpolicy = multibus (config file default)
mpath1: selector = round-robin 0 (internal default)
mpath1: features = 1 queue_if_no_path (internal default)
mpath1: hwhandler = 0 (internal default)
mpath1: rr_weight = 2 (config file default)
mpath1: minio = 10 (config file default)
mpath1: no_path_retry = 1 (config file default)
pg_timeout = NONE (internal default)
mpath1: set ACT_NOTHING (map unchanged)

It's definitely picking up the settings correctly from multipath.conf,
but the paths are still reinstated immediately once they're reconnected
(even if it's just for a split second).

What does /var/log/messages look like when this happens? Since you changed failback to 120 did you restart multipathd or restart the box?

John Brier

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