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[dm-devel] Dm-cache in the Cloud (Call for beta testing, Free Linux cloud VM available)

Dm-cache is a generic device mapper cache target developed by Dr. Ming
Zhao and his VISA research lab at Florida International University.

In collaboration with CloudVPS, a leading European cloud provider,
dm-cache is now deployed in the clouds. Free Linux VMs will be offered
to users who are interested in participating the beta test.

Active research is currently ongoing by the VISA lab and its industry
collaborators on optimizing dm-cache for SSDs and cloud systems.

More details about dm-cache: http://visa.cs.fiu.edu/dmcache
More details about the beta test:

If you have any question or request about dm-cache, please send it
directly to dm-cache googlegroups com 

- Ming

Ming Zhao, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Director, VISA Research Lab
School of Computing and Information Sciences
Florida International University
Tel: (305) 348-2034, Fax: (305) 348-3549
Email: ming cs fiu edu
Web: http://visa.cs.fiu.edu/ming

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