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Re: Pollution and HW trends

On Sun, Jan 13, 2002 at 07:26:35PM +0100, Marco Fioretti wrote:
> Consumer-wise, we should maybe start to send different messages to the
> industry. Myself, I'm looking for the most efficient way to tell the
> generic HDD maker:
> "listen, you moron! *Not* everybody in the world collects tons of MP3
> and movies. I *don't* want a 60 G HDD for what a 30 G costed
> yesterday. I want a *3* (yes, three) GB disk, because it's enough, but
> I want it damn fast, extremely silent, with no cooling needs whatsoever, and
> dissipating less energy than a led. Oh, and dirty cheap, of course..."

This is just *so* true... So many people keep raving about how HD got
cheaper and cheaper over time, while it seems to me that they actually got
bigger and bigger for the same price... There were numerous occasion where I
though: "Damn, I don't want a 20GB for EUR100,- - I want a 4GB for EUR20,-!"
(or whatever the prices were at the time...).

Same goes for the PCs as a whole, though to a slightly lesser extend - it's
kinda crazy out there.


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