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Please rebuild your packages in EPEL5

Hi all!

we now (since yesterday) have RHEL5 final on the builders thanks to the
great work of Dennis Gilmore. Dgilmore, many thanks for your work.

As you might have read from the past EPEL SIG meetings logs the EPEL
Steering Committee agreed that it's likely the best to rebuild all the
packages from EPEL5 against the final RHEL, as there were lots of
changes between the beta1 (against the current packageset was build) and
the final.

The current plan is to ask everyone to rebuild the arch specific
packages by next weeks EPEL Sig meeting -- e.g. next Wednesday, 20070425
at 17:00 UTC. It's up to the packager to decide if noarch packages need
a rebuild.

In next weeks meeting we'll decide what to do with those arch specific
packages which were not rebuild up to then. It is under discussion that
somebody will use a script to just add a ".1" to release, commit, tag
and build them -- so you have been warned ;-)

If there really is a good reason why your package doesn't need a rebuild
send me a note my mail please.

Thanks for your help.


P.S.: If you doesn't want to do the rebuild yourself just send me a list
of package names and use a script to update release and build your packages.

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