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Reminder: EPEL-Packages can be moved from testing to stable at any, time! Just ask for it!

Hi all!

just a reminder(¹): We can push packages from plague's needsign repo straight to the proper repos easily; we can also move packages from testing to stable at any time -- just send a mail epel_signers-members fedoraproject org if there is a good reason to do so. Good reason for example are: security fixes and fixes for important bugs.

See also:

What do I need to do if I need to get a updated package quickly into the EPEL proper?

If you want to see a package moved from the testing or needsign repos to the proper EPEL repos (for example to fix important (security) bugs) please test the package once it got build; if it works well send a mail asking for this move to [[MailTo(epel_signers-members AT fedoraproject DOT org )]


(¹) Why do I come up with this now you ask? Well, there is a easy answer: I noticed that a EPEL specific bug was closed just a few hours after todays testing -> stable move. I was curious and looked closer at the bug; it was a broken dep in a package from EPEL proper due to a new Firefox in EL. The bug had been reported on 2008-07-16 and fixed in testing a few days later. The package IMHO should have been pushed straight to stable or moved from testing to stable within two or three days. But seems the packager just waited for the next move :-/

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