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Re: Can we do both testing->stable moves on the same day?

On 12.06.2008 16:53, Michael Stahnke wrote:
As RHEL/CentOS users are used to the RHEL update style I'd say updating EPEL
packages in RHEL style is the safest bet.
What is the RHEL style now?  They have 5.1.x and 5.2.  5.2 has new
features, 5.1.x keeps the same ABI.
> If RH can't decide, we're going to have difficulties also.

The z-Streams (x.y.z) are nothing new, they existed for a longer time already and EPEL afaics ignores them (at least right now).

New "features" like major new Firefox/OpenOffice Versions iirc happened in the past already now and then. But that were just a few hand-selected desktop-packages. The only thing that afaics really is new in 5.2: a gtkhtml update broke the ABI. Okay, that changes things a bit, but it's just one out of thousand packages and likely a special exception (and such exceptions are allowed in EPEL as well).

So IMHO not much changed. And the major differences between Fedora- and RHEL-style are still very much obvious IMHO if one leaves those few special cases aside.


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