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Re: Status of asterisk

On Tue, 20 May 2008, Jeffrey Ollie wrote:
> However, I haven't tried compiling the Asterisk 1.6 packages for EPEL
> yet so there may be other issues that need taking care of.

I had to build an own asterisk package for our company repository as a)
speex issue is there and b) asterisk 1.4 seems to be the most reliable for
RHEL/CentOS such as 3rd party patches and modules e.g. from Junghanns.NET
(they're designing special ISDN cards).

Personally, I don't care about whether asterisk is in EPEL or not, because
the tons of patches refused of upstream required to get ISDN cards from
Junghanns.NET running are a big issue. I also had to patch zaptel, build a
kernel module for it and so on. Libpri e.g. is heavily updated, too. So if
you're in Germany, you have only less chances to use a vanilla asterisk and
if you're doing ISDN as well and not VoIP only.

Oh, I'm speaking about the professional use of asterisk, not the home use
with a AVM card or friends. If you need 4-8 ISDN (maybe even S0 bus) lines
on asterisk, there are only two or three well supported cards for Linux
where the last one or two are already cheap imitations of Junghanns.NET's.


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