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Re: rhnlib in EPEL overriding RHEL version

David Juran wrote:

I just discovered that in the recent epel push, rhnlib-2.5.10 is
included which overrides the rhnlib that is shipped in both RHEL4 and
RHEL5. (RHEL4 ships rhnlib-2.1.1 and RHEL5 2.2.6)

That's not the only problem with it - from the description:

Description :
rhnlib is a collection of python modules used by the
CentOS Network (http://rhn.redhat.com) software.

I don't think describing the CentOS Network with a link to redhat is what was intended.

I looked at the spec file from src.rpm of same EVR, and it says Red Hat there - is the build system coded to change Red Hat to CentOS in descriptions when it builds the package?

Seems kind of odd than an EPEL package would change Red Hat to CentOS.

Build Date: Mon 16 Mar 2009 02:07:10 AM PDT
Build Host: ppc2.fedora.redhat.com

Or perhaps rpm -qi filters it to CentOS since I'm on a CentOS system?
That would be wrong if it does and I highly doubt it would do that - any RHEL 5 users with this package from EPEL feel like sharing what the description says?

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