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Re: System Management Tools and versions


Thanks for bringing up this subject.  I've been thinking about it a
bit lately.

Michael Stahnke wrote:
> I'm not sure it's upstream hurting  users.  EPEL won't move the
> version of cfengine or puppet (although we have moved puppet in the
> past) for the EL4/5 systems.

Puppet has pretty much always been updated to the latest release.
While it was still at 0.x versions, it could arguably be treated as
"it's not stable, so expect a few changes here and there."  Now that
upstream has bumped the version scheme to reflect that puppet is more
stable and mature, that seems a little tougher to justify.  It's also
harder as more folks adopt it.

I'm still unsure if updating from 0.25.x to 2.6.x will be reasonable.
The changes should be backward compatible, and a few places where
behavior changed from 0.25.x to 2.6.x have been fixed as bugs
upstream.  But it's always tough to test all the various ways in which
people put puppet to use.

I've held back updating in Fedora as well, because quite often people
are using RHEL/CentOS as the puppet master and clients being newer
than the master isn't generally supported.

I've tried to get input from Fedora/EPEL users in the puppet
community, to gauge whether the update has or has not been a smooth
one for users.  Not a lot of feedback so far.

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