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Re: clamav-db vs. clamav-filesystem

On 2011-04-16, Anssi Johansson <clamav miuku net> wrote:

> My concern is that the clamav-db package is forced down my throat. I do 
> not want to use clamav-db, because the virus database in it will always 
> be outdated.  The clamav-data-empty package was very neat in this regard 
> as it satisfied clamav's requirements but didn't interfere with 
> downloading the virus database updates with freshclam.
> What was the rationale for making clamav depend on clamav-db = 
> 0.97-12.el5, instead of the previous dependency of data(clamav), which 
> was provided by both clamav-data-empty and clamav-data?

The rationale was probably to clean up the mess with way too many
sub-packages in the old packaging. In the new clamav-db the 
virus database is marked as %config(noreplace), so it will not 
overwrite your updated virus-database. That should hopefully mean 
that there's not much point in also providing a clamav-db-empty.. 

Agree ?


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