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python-turbojson from EPEL trying to upgrade CentOS 6 rpm

I have a CentOS 6 test server, and have added the EPEL repo in order to add yum-cron - that has all gone fine & dandy so far - big thanks to everyone for their hard work.

Two days ago, yum-cron notified me that python-turbojson.noarch 1.3-3el6 was available as an EPEL update - but it is trying to update python-turbojson-1.2.1-8.1.el6.noarch that was shipped in CentOS 6.

Is this expected behaviour?  I'm used to using DAG and rpmforge in the past on CentOS 4/5, and using includepkgs to limit changes to only those needed for the specific packages I'm trying to add to the o/s.  Somewhere in the dark recesses of my memory, I thought that the idea of EPEL was not to tamper with the original o/s - indeed I was pleased to see that on initial hookup of the repo it wasn't trying to upgrade any centos rpms. I expect my memory is wrong!



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