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Re: Mock problem in EPEL 5?

On 08/22/2011 05:12 PM, Jonathan Underwood wrote:
On 22 August 2011 16:59, Paul Howarth<paul city-fan org>  wrote:
I'm surprised this builds at all in mock: it's trying to give away ownership
of the file to root, which is a privileged operation. If you patch it not to
try to do "-o root -g root" then it should work OK, and the resulting files
will be owned by root anyway.

Looking a little closer at the install script, it actually performs a
check to see if it is running as root, and if not doesn't set those
owner/group permissions - in other branches, this check works
correctly. So the question is, why does mock in EPEL 5 run as root,
but not in EPEL6 and Fedora? This seems like a bit of a security

It's not. Your spec file is missing a BuildRoot: tag, which is still needed for EPEL-5. Without it, $RPM_BUILD_ROOT is not set and PREFIX (which upstream has renamed to DESTDIR) is thus empty, and the check for root never happens.


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