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Re: New git in EPEL?

Bring back an old thread, I'm happy to say that I believe the last
hurdle for an updated git (emacs support) has been crossed.  I am very
thankful to Kevin Fenzi for admitting to a past emacs habit and for
using it to test the vc-git support in and in some updated
packages of 1.7.4.  With that help, I've update git in rawhide and
plan to merge those changes to the el5 branch very soon.

I've prepared a message to epel-announce as a heads up for this
update, even though I suspect it should not cause any issues for
users.  Any suggestions on improving it would be most welcome.  Here's
what I've got:

To: epel-announce lists fedoraproject org
Subject: Updated git- heading to EL-5

As many folks have lamented, the current git- in EL-5 is quite
a bit stale.  Updating it has been discussed on several occassions,
but was held up until recently due to compatibility issues with the
emacs-git package.  With great thanks to Kevin Fenzi for dusting off
an old emacs habit, that is now resolved and git- is heading to
epel-testing very soon.

The update should be a welcome enhancement and not cause current users
any trouble.

Since there have been a huge amount of bug fixes and
improvements in all areas of git.  Of particular interest are the
release notes from 1.6.0 and 1.7.0:


Links to release notes for each version of git can be found here:


In git-1.6.0, most git-* commands were moved out of the standard path.
Use of "git $command" is preferred.  It is a very good idea to migrate
scripts to use the dashless form.  However, to retain compatibility
the EL-5 packages keep the git-* commands in /usr/bin.

Other noteworthy changes since

 * "git push" into a branch that is currently checked out (i.e. pointed at by
   HEAD in a repository that is not bare) is refused by default.

   Similarly, "git push $there :$killed" to delete the branch $killed
   in a remote repository $there, when $killed branch is the current
   branch pointed at by its HEAD, will be refused by default.

   Setting the configuration variables receive.denyCurrentBranch and
   receive.denyDeleteCurrent to 'ignore' in the receiving repository
   can be used to override these safety features.

 * "git send-email" does not make deep threads by default when sending a
   patch series with more than two messages.  All messages will be sent
   as a reply to the first message, i.e. cover letter.

   It has been possible already to configure send-email to send "shallow thread"
   by setting sendemail.chainreplyto configuration variable to false.  The
   only thing this release does is to change the default when you haven't
   configured that variable.

 * "git status" will not be "git commit --dry-run".  This change does not
   affect you if you run the command without pathspec.

   Nobody sane found the current behaviour of "git status Makefile" useful
   nor meaningful, and it confused users.  "git commit --dry-run" has been
   provided as a way to get the current behaviour of this command since

For folks using git over HTTP, git now supports a 'smart' HTTP
protocol which is much more efficient than the older ('dumb') HTTP
protocol.  Refer to the git http-backend documentation for more


Thanks to all the folks who have helped test the updated git packages
on EL-5 and reported issues.

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    -- W. Somerset Maugham

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