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Paths dilema

I'm preparing my own software source RPMs for inclusion into EPEL-5. 
My software is similar to fail2ban but it also includes a nice web interface.

While I'm distributing this software with my own commercial products I ship 
the software in two packages. One for the software and one for the javascript 
library that I use in the web interface(ExtJS/Sencha). I do that because I 
have other web interfaces using the same javascript library.

I talked with wolfy on irc and I have a dilema about how to organize the 
package for the EPEL repository.

Should I continue to have the javascript library as a separate package?

Also if it is a separate package, what would be the appropriate place for the 

Since it is a library it should be under /usr/lib, but since it is only web 
related, maybe the better place would be under /var/www.
In either case my application should have a symlink to the directory in order 
to work. 

Also if it is under /var/www wolfy mentioned that it would be best if it is 
not web accessible, what are your toughs about that?

So guys, please give me some advice, I want to minimize the work of the 
reviewer once I file the package review request.

Best regards,
Marian Marinov

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