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Intro - + php-pecl packages

Hi All,

Many moons ago I was a fedora packager (using mpeters mac com - but
Apple started charging too much and taking away stuff, like webdav
support) but I am not a packager any more. Just don't have the time, nor
do I even use Fedora now (CentOS servers, Ubuntu desktop, got sick and
tired of frequent re-installs when Fedora supported lifetime shrank)

At any rate, currently development what I think is a novel CMS targeting
RHEL/CentOS platforms. RHEL 6 was a major plus because my CMS needs php
5.3.x and I thus do not need to replace system php for it to run.

There are however two pecl modules it uses that are not packaged or
maintained by either Fedora or EPEL -

php-pecl-bbcode (parses bbcode like syntax)
php-pecl-uploadprogress (allows php to signal javascript upload progress

I have spec files that have worked for me in CentOS 5 and now CentOS 6
but like I stated, I really have no interest in becoming a Fedora
packager to get them into Fedora and then EPEL.

Is there a particular packager I should contact who I can send my spec
files to who may be willing to maintain them and start the process of
getting them into Fedora so they can get into EPEL?

I would add it to the Fedora wish list myself, but unfortunately when going through the process of getting an account (which was a PITA - took several times before I got the letters right in the bot screener, I *HATE* those - bots can read them better than some people) it required a phone number for me to agree to the `Fedora Project Contributor Agreement' and I'm sorry, but I pay for every call and every text and do not like my phone number spread out across random databases no matter how secure they say they are, so I guess I can't agree to the agreement and thus can't add those to the wish list. (requiring phone number is dumb policy)


Michael A. Peters

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