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Heads up: puppet-2.6.6 heading to stable


After a longer than expected period in testing, puppet-2.6.6 is
heading to the stable repos for Fedora and EPEL >= 5).  The 0.25.x
branch is not actively maintained.  The license has changed from
GPLv2+ to GPLv2 (this was part of an eventual move to ASL 2.0 in
puppet 2.7).

As is typical with puppet version bumps, it is recommended to update
the puppetmaster before updating the clients.

Over the past several months of 2.6.x releases, a good number of
regressions and incompatibilities have been found and fixed.  I've had
a testing repo on fedorapeople.org for that time where early adopters
could run the latest code.  The feedback I've gathered there has been
positive, with no ugly reports that existing configurations stopped
working after the update (those will all come in after the update goes
to stable, I presume ;).

For details on what's changed, refer to the upstream release notes:


I've applied several of the noted fixes from 2.6.7rc1 to the
packages.  I plan to get 2.6.9 into testing as soon as 2.6.6 is in
stable, as it contains a number of further improvements for the 2.6.x

Things to watch for:

If you run EL-6 and use SELinux in Enforcing mode, there are policy
changes which will not be pushed into EL until 6.2.  Until then, you
can use packages from Dan Walsh's people.redhat.com repo, create your
own local policy module, or use permissive mode.  This applies only to
running puppet master, AFAIK.  The bug report for this is:


Dan Walsh's selinux-policy repo is at:


If you use passenger, the change from puppetmasterd -> puppet master
needs to be handled in your config.ru script.  There is an example
script in /usr/share/puppet/ext/rack/files/config.ru.  The changes are
pretty trivial, but are unfortunately not something we can properly
automate.  Note that passenger is not provided nor supported by EPEL.
Many folks are using it though and we don't want to burden them
without warning.

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