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Re: [et-mgmt-tools] RFC: virt-manager: Redesigned 'New VM' wizard

Cole Robinson wrote:
Hi all,

Page 5: Summary and Advanced Options


The summary section is pretty straight forward, no surprises here.
The 'Advanced Options' section encompasses networking, hypervisor, and
architecture options. The hypervisor and arch defaults were explained above.

For networking, the default is:

- A bridge device if any exist, else
- Virtual Network 'default' (comes out of the box with libvirt), else
- First available virtual network, else
- no networking!

Networking being "hidden" seems a bit odd here. In a decent number of the cases I have used the tool in (not all) i wanted to select this. It it possible to show this information on the summary, and then have them click into advanced to set it?

-- bk

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