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Re: why I'm using Ubuntu instead of Fedora ATM

Thorsten Leemhuis (fedora leemhuis info) said: 
> >* support: whether or not it is reasonable/sustainable, Ubuntu's
> >support policies for their non-LTS distros are more generous and more
> >sane (i.e., all backports, no new features[1]) than Fedora's, which is
> >a factor for someone like me who doesn't have much time to screw
> >around with installations, re-installations, new releases that
> >introduce new bugs, etc.
> Agreed. We always point people to RHEL or CentOS and I think that 
> becomes more and more a problem, especially now that Legacy is dead.
> A Fedora LTS (two years? maybe the server parts ever three?) now and 
> then (every second or third release?) from a new Fedora Legacy (needs a 
> different name) would IMHO a nice solution.

I think you missed the point of what he said. He was talking about
how the *normal* release was handled - nothing about long-term support.

As for any sort of long-term Fedora support, what we need to see is
some sort of market for it - we had the inital Legacy, and, realistically,
NO ONE WANTED IT ENOUGH to actually work on it.

Considering that we are dependent in many ways on community resources for
this, I don't think it's worth throwing resources at a problem that may
not exist. It's all a tradeoff - is a better use of resource to make
the next release better, or maintaining the old releases?

Moreover, considering he's talking about 'all backports - no new features';
Extras is *significantly* worse than the current Core in this regard.

> >* community growth: this wasn't a factor for me, but Ubuntu has very
> >aggressively and very publicly pursued non-engineering community
> >involvement. Make people feel wanted and love, and they'll want to use
> >your distro.
> Strongly agreed. I more and more think we need a "Fedora Experimental 
> Kitchen" project where stuff that's not yet covered by the Fedora 
> Project can be developed while the users feel as being a part of the 
> Fedora project -> this would help getting people involved and grow up.
> Kmods, alternate kernels, Firefox2 for FC6, Respins, Live-CDs, new 
> Distributions Spins (Fedora Audio, Fedora BrandNewIdea anyone?) could be 
> suitable to be done under the hood of the "Fedora Experimental Kitchen".

OK, you've lost me. How is adding an experimental repo for highly
technical things (kmods, alternate kernels, etc) about embracing
the non-engineering community?

> I'm wondering if we could provide solutions for both users: One update 
> channel that only gets security updates and important bugfixes while the 
> other is a bit more bold -- we for example could have firefox2 in the 
> bold channel for FC6 while shipping the latest firefox 1.5.x in the more 
> conservative channel.

So, an idea like this:

- starts to exponentially expand the QA problem
- breaks dependencies across repositories (we have no xulrunner)
- fractures the community into different splinters


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