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Re: FS/OSS license: not quite enough of a requirement

Alexandre Oliva wrote:
I really don't understand the kind of opposition I'm getting in this
issue.  I know I've brought up other controversial ones, but this is
not it.  This is just meant to codify what I thought we had consensus

Nobody is opposing what you are saying but what you are saying is getting lost in all the rhetoric questions. You got to stop doing that if you want to get your message across since trying to read your actual point in between all these is getting tiresome.

Do you have access to the wiki? If not read http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/WikiEditing and get wiki access. That would also help if you want to contribute towards setting up jidgo for the infrastructure team.

Then write up a draft policy following instructions at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging/Committee#head-bc786fd8400956418c30ac87c30733f0c008b146

The next board meeting when folks are back from the Red Hat summit we will discuss things and do the changes necessary.

Good that you don't want non-free documentation because GNU FDL with invariant sections is IMO clearly non-free and I would like to clarify the guidelines to not include such documents too.


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