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Re: [Fedora-ambassadors-list] Re: Marketing ideas -- I have to strongly _disagree_ with 99% of this ...

I go to install fest whenever I can; I personally invite the other distros to
the party. We are all open source geeks; the idea is to share the technology
even between distros. If you want to keep your technology to yourself and only
for your community, I suggest you read the GPL. And, if you still disagree with
that statement, you can always find a home with Bill. We are all in this
together, do not forget the big picture. As for spying, I am a SuSE, FreeBSD,
and JavaOS developer therefore, I must be a triple agent?  

Robert C. Whetsel - CEO & Founder
Fedora Global Ambassador
SuSE Developer

RavenSong Open Technologies, Inc.
DBA: The Raven Group (1992)
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Enterprise Linux Business Solutions

Frederick Innovative Technology Center
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Frederick, MD 21701

Quoting Clair <fedora freehold no-ip info>:

> On Saturday 22 April 2006 08:55, Jasper O'neal Hartline wrote:
> > I must also include, I was already put-off by asking why we had
> > Fedora Ambassadors spying on Mandriva install parties on this list.
> >
> > I don't know what is or isn't the job, idealogy or focus of Ambassadors
> > but I can say personally that isn't how things work around my house.
> > Spying on other projects install parties to better yourself is exactly
> > what it was, whether you want to take it in that context or not.
> >
> > In any case I had shown the mails to a few people and they were less than
> > impressed. I think the ambassadors need to stop with the tunnel vision and
> > try to think about priorities. As an Ambassador I would think it is in
> your
> > focus to promote Fedora Core, end of story.
> If it was spying, they'd be wearing black clothes and jumping in through the
> ceiling :)
> But seriously, an ambassador went along to an install party to see "how they
> did it", so that Fedora ones can take any good ideas from it.
> No harm in that, is there?
> Clair
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