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Re: [Ambassadors] taggin non active ambassadors on the wiki

Tejas Dinkar wrote:
> On Thu, 2006-11-02 at 18:46 -0400, "Guillermo Gómez S." wrote:
>> It hurts the project that some of the ambassadors publish their email
>> address but do not respond to queries at all.
>> My original proposal is to tag them somehow so the general public dont
>> loose their time trying to contact them.
> Just how do you plan on doing that?

That's the hard part and what this discussion is about.  One, if
something should be done and if it does need done, how to do it.

Also note, that Gomix has simply suggested noting inactive ambassadors
on wiki, not removing them from the group.  It would be simple matter
for one to change status from inactive to active.

> And what do you mean by queries? Was there a case of an ambassador who
> was personally contacted by email, and they were unable to respond?

By queries he means questions asked of an ambassador from the public.
Someone finds you contact information on the wiki, emails you with a
question and no response.  From Gomix's comments on IRC he contacted
amabassador(s) in a certain area multiple times and received no
response, prompting his concern.


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