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[Ambassadors] Event Report

Hi all

This is just to inform about our 2nd event in Venezuela last Saturday,
It went fine, assistance was basically myself and a small group of new
followers in this small city La Victoria, Aragua state.
We had a couple of presentations and very nice party including solving
hw/sw issues for assistant's laptops.
In this new group we might have a new female ambassador, our first in
venezuela, so i ask also for help promoting her to this position.
She's so enthusiastic that i believe we must recruit her asap. She will
really help me organizing more effectively more events.

Talking about events, two proposals in my country:

1.- Presence in Flisol 2007 (april 28th),regional event, pls look at
http://www.installfest.info/, event includes 13 countries.
2.- A FUDConf Caracas in an earlier date (please need advice if it makes
sense to call it that way, and if some FP's people can come in an


Guillermo Gómez S.
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