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Re: New Icon Set...[echo]...

man, 07 08 2006 kl. 01:07 +0800, skrev Luya Tshimbalanga:
>  > Your statement is simply wrong. I never asked for "Tango" being
> adopted for
> > "Fedora Core" although it might be a better alterative to the aging stock
> > "GNOME" icons in case there doesn't exist a genuine "Fedora Core" icon
> for a
> > particular item. Moreover, I stated at various occasions based upon
> > objective observations in which sense the current approach appears to be
> > flawed to me (no outlines, low contrast, photorealistic albeit fuzzy icons
> > which are not suitable at smaller icon sizes, ..). It's up to the artwork
> > developers to draw their conclusions for further artwork development in
> > order to achieve the improvement that you mention below. As a matter of
> > fact, even the recommendation of dropping the "Echo" theme completely
> would
> > present a perfectly admissible and constructive feedback in order to
> > "improve" on the current state in case I thought so. ;)
> > Finally, feedback can only be based on the current implementation, not on
> > some extrapolation of how "Echo" might look some time in the future (with
> > the only exception of current incompleteness which had already been
> pointed
> > out by the designers).
> > 
> The product is not final yet. As pointed out, there is currently no
> preview about the 16x16 yet. I think it is a bit premature to jump the gun. 

That does not remove the need to point out the flaws in the fundamental
design of the icons. Saying that it's not final doesn't remove the need
to ask for reconsideration, if I took something like Echo to my former
workplace which is filled with people with various handicaps I would get
laughed out and asked to replace it with something that they could
actually use.

Echo is just not designed with usability in mind and no amount of
fiddling with the smaller icons will fix the fundamental issues with the
design as pointed out earlier.

We have to accept that this is a tradeoff, we are trading off good
usability for what exactly?

Echo does not make a good default and making it the default will hurt
our usability and the accesability of the Fedora desktop, by design and
in the current implementation. 

If we care even the slightest about our users we have to sit down and
rethink the needs of the Bluecurve replacement.

- David

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