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Re: Fedora Artwork

How do you use Fedora? Do you use it in a professional context? Can you
give some rationale here?

I'm simple an experienced desktop user who always admired to excellent
graphics and professionalism of the redhat distributions (and now
eyeing Novell/SuSE's too)

How do you feel about this:

its actually not bad...I'd MUCH prefer that as the default wallpaper
over the light blueish look of the one shipped.

What evidence do you have to support this claim? How do you use Fedora?

I've read other complaints about the bubbily theme but do not know
specific ones at the moment.

The GDM theme shipped with FC5 was not Bluecurve, neither was the splash
screen. You can see screenshots of what shipped with FC5 here:


Ya I know but there is a bluecurve fedora theme in the GDM setup which
i MUCH preferred over the one that shipped by default.

> Its the bubbily/light
> blue theme and such that is in the new release that I do not like.
> Hopefully we can discuss this more.

Sure. If you can give some rationale here and even better, give some
suggestions/examples of what you'd like to see (besides the RHEL/Fedora
4 and lower examples), that would be very helpful.

I guess I'd like to see Fedora shy away from the bubbles (I like the
'F' logo though w/out the bubbles) and light blues scattered
throughout the distro (and grub themes) back to the darker blues that
Fedora used to use. I really like the Gilouche theme (shown here:
shipped with SUSE, but I'm sure the Fedora team can come up with
something just as nice. I guess its hard to clearly define what I like
without showing stuff from RHEL 4 because frankly, the artwork was
fantastic as shown here (except for the greys of the old bluecurve as
stated before):

Thanks for listening.


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