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Re: [Fwd: Re: Gnome Icons, Gnome/KDE Menus need improvement]

On Wed, 2004-06-16 at 18:55 -0400, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Maybe some kind of flow chart?
> If you have a diamond in the flow chart labeled "judgment call" that's
> basically going to mean "ask Seth and Bryan" for Fedora Core, but for
> all third parties it's going to mean "make up something that we will
> have to fix on the Fedora level"
> Maybe an "if in doubt, foo" kind of phrasing based on which answer is
> statistically more probable would minimize our work ;-)
> I'm less worried about ISVs (who will inevitably name it "Our Trademark
> Here(tm)" no matter what we say) than I am about upstream projects and
> Fedora Extras.

Upstream projects and Fedora Extras should be right on track with the
Name and GenericName spec as it stands, however I think it could be
clarified even more to give better "if in doubt" statements. :-) Seth
and I will get this up soon.

As for Fedora Core, unless there is some change in the spec or behavior
of the menu code we'll end up munging the GenericName into the Name for
most of the upstream code that is correct according to the spec.

The current system and spec work fine except for the case of keeping the
standard names intact after 3rd party apps are installed.  By copying
the GenericName to the Name we fix this on an app by app basis.  However
if we can change the behavior of the code that displays the names it's
better for the GNOME Desktop and Fedora can get this behavior for free
too.  GNOME protects the name of the standard applications that it
considers to makeup the desktop with this new behavior, the same would
be true for Fedora.

Seth made a good point (although this is not the best one, but one off
the top of my head) about this with the Calculator in MS Windows.  If
for instance you installed a 3rd party calculator called "Sci-Soft
Calculator" because you needed a really great scientific calculator on
your PC.  Should the original Calculator change it's name to be
"Microsoft Calculator" now that there's a new kid on the block?
Probably not, the calculator that ships with the desktop is already
branded by the entire desktop and doesn't need the added branding.  It
is simply _the_ "Calculator" of the desktop.  Especially true if the
calculator happened to come from a company that was bought by MS, all of
a sudden it would show it's true colors and be the "SCO
Calculator" (hypothetical situation of course).

~ Bryan

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