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Re: beginnings of a Firefox theme

Looks good. Here's a list of icons/graphics included in the Firefox themes. It's a good checklist to work from.

    * Primary toolbar: (16px/24px - default/disabled/hover)
          o Back
          o Forward
          o Stop
          o Refresh
          o Home
          o Downloads
          o History
          o Bookmarks
          o Print
          o New Tab
          o New Window
          o Cut
          o Copy
          o Paste
          o Mail
          o Go
    * Activity Monitor (throbber 16px/24px - animated/stopped)
    * Bookmarks Manager toolbar: (24px - default/disabled/hover)
          o New Bookmark
          o New Folder
          o New Separator
          o Move
          o Properties
          o Rename
          o Delete
          o 16px Page (bookmarks) - default/disabled
          o 16px Folder (bookmarks) - default/disabled
    * Options (24px):
          o General
          o Privacy
          o Web Features
          o Downloads
          o Themes
          o Extensions
          o Advanced
    * Download Manager:
          o Background
          o "Clean Up" button (16px - default/disabled)
          o "Options" button (16px)
    * Misc:
          o Close Tab
          o Info
          o Page-Themes
          o Search-bar
          o Secure (lock)
          o Security-broken (unlocked)
    * Page-Setup:
          o Landscape
          o Portrait
    * Theme Preview image

Steven Garrity

Garrett LeSage wrote:
Hi all,

I've sync'd my Fedora artwork to the usual place on people.redhat.com, and I have included the large and small templates for the firebird toolbar icon sheets.

They're located (along with the new OOo icons, fwiw) at:

I began to make a Firefox theme based off of these sheets; you can see PNG versions here:

There's more that needs to be done, but it's a start.

Let me know if any of you are interested in helping make a complete, official Firefox Bluecurve theme.


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