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Is SELinux for curmudgeonly codgers?

I picked up an info tidbit lately (one one of these lists, I think), to
the effect that the next Fedora release will have SELinux; so, being as I
am paranoid on principle in my electronic ignorance, I'm trying to read
more than I can follow at http://www.nsa.gov/selinux -- especially since I
liked what I saw of Fedora, and would probably still be using it if it had
had a line in the GUI display config for my new flat panel monitor (as, I
hope & trust, it's apt to ere long).

Given that I live behind a hardware router as well as RedHat's medium
level of security -- and normally turn the cable modem off at night, as
well as shutting everything down when out of town, and updating every few
days when in town, or at once on receipt of any security notice from
RedHat -- does SELinux look like being more of a boon or a hassle?

If not, I should be looking at caosity and mandrake, to have an
alternative when I cease to be safe (or able at all!) to run RH9 ...

Beartooth Autodidact <id est karhunhammas (at) lserv dot com>
antiquated sclerotic sub-technoid, trying to learn linux
Keep in mind that I know little of what I'm talking about.

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