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Re: A new notification theme

On Thu, 2009-09-24 at 20:48 -0400, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> Tomorrows rawhide will have a new notification theme for Gnome. 
> The aim of this new theme is to integrate well with the theming in the
> rest of the desktop (which wasn't really the case with nodoka bubbles
> and a clearlooks desktop).
> Let me know how the new bubbles work for you; this is the initial
> release, so there is probably some fine-tuning left to do.
Ok, so some observation from installing it on F11 (I have newer gtk
already there because I need it for new webkitgtk, so no problem...): it
inverts colours (the engine itself, not via theme gtkrc, that's
understandable though, given that it seems impossible [or at least I
don't know how] to target specifically the notify bubbles in theme
gtkrc...), while it looks nice for bright themes on darkish desktop, it
would look at least odd with dark themes. Also the bright clearlooks
close button clashes with other buttons design and the overal dark

Now for some functional problems: the position is wrong if "displayed
with arrow". Instead of repositioning correctly with respect to screen,
it is placed with it's top-left corner where the imaginary arrow should
start and thus usually ends up out of screen when the arrow starts at
notification area.

Also it ignores urgency.


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