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Re: redhat to use yum?

On Mon, 2003-09-22 at 20:07, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> hi
> i saw rawhide has yum. if fedora is going to have
> yum(i think this is essential) it would good to
> central apt enabled repostries maintained by redhat
> while others can have third party repostries for non
> free and patented stuff like xmms-mp3 plugins aka
> apt-get.org

The web site discusses Fedora Extras, these will be repositories hosted
on the Fedora Project infrastructure with additional packages not found
in Core.

But yes nonfree/patented will need to be hosted by third parties. We
can't have anything to do with it (can't even link to it).

> how about some home user focus. wouldnt that be
> possible?

Anything is possible if someone wants to work on it. ;-)
The home desktop user isn't the primary focus of Red Hat developers, but
we'd certainly welcome anyone hacking on it. We do some work in this
area but it's not our main focus.

> * single cdrom with one or more optional packages in
> other cds
> *the installer includes the ability to resize
> partitons(fat and ntfs)
> *ntfs support enabled by default
> * automatically mount windows partitions in dual boot
> systems and put icons on the desktop

Mostly just waiting for patches, though the NTFS and partition resize
items will involve satisfying people that there's not a significant risk
to user data.

> *include rpms from kde-redhat.sf.net with just the
> theme changed to bluecurve(no changes in the
> libraries)

kde-redhat.sf.net would be welcome to either hack on the KDE packages in
Fedora Core or offer their own alternate KDE packages in Fedora
Alternatives, if they're interested. Of course first we have to get the
infrastructure set up.

>  drop kde or gnome altogether and focus on one GUI and
> polish it to the maximum possible(no redundant menu
> entries or applications - something like ark or jamd)

Someone might want to investigate doing this as an option (perhaps it's
as simple as a new comps group in the installer). However I don't think
the distribution should be limited to this.

Anyway, it's not just about what Red Hat developers work on anymore.
Anybody can drive the project in a different direction by developing the
code and making a case for including it.


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